CPeX®, The Laboratory Compact Processor

The CPeX® is the Laboratory Compact Processor utilizing the unique and proven FARREL POMINI continuous mixer technology in a size suitable for testing and development. The CPeX® design allows compounders to conduct laboratory scale product development trials, extend product application portfolios, expedite time to market and reduce development costs.

Key Features Include:

  • 10 – 30 Kg/hour production capacity. The CPeX® can accept full size pellet as well as standard feed materials
  • Supports both CP Standard and CPXL rotor configurations on one platform
  • Fully integrated wiring and piping that is “connect and go”; suitable for any industrial voltage
  • Fully functioning orifice for performance as flexible as production machines
  • Single screw flex wall volumetric feeder
  • PLC-based control system with Wonderware touchscreen HMI for easy operator use
  • SCADA functionality for remote analysis

Rotor Configurations


  • All purpose mixing & compounding
  • Standard for concentrates


  • Special applications
  • Temperature sensitive materials

CPeX® Specifications

Nominal Production Rates kg/hr 10 to 30
Power kW (hp) 7.5 (10)
Max. Rotor Speed  RPM 1000
Rotor Diameter mm (in.) 35 (1.38)
Hot Feed Extruder
Power  kW (hp) 7.5 (10)
Max. Screw Speed RPM 100
Screw Diameter mm (in.) 60 (2.36)
Screw Length L/D 11/1
Weights and Dimensions
Overall Weight kg (lb) 3000 (6500)
Length mm (in.) 2260 (89.0)
Width mm (in.) 1500 (59.1)
Height mm (in.) 1690 (66.5)
Floor to Extruder C/L mm (in.) 914  (36.0)

CPeX® Video