FARREL POMINI was established in 2011 to focus expertise in the continuous mixing equipment sector of the HF MIXING GROUP member companies. As separate companies, Farrel Corporation and Pomini Rubber & Plastics Srl possess over 100 years’ collective experience in the polymer processing industry.

At the Forefront of Innovations

Farrel Corporation’s rich history dates back to the 1840’s during the Industrial Revolution in the United States as a foundry and equipment manufacturer for the rubber industry. Farrel has been at the forefront of developments and innovations in the processing industry. In 1963, the Farrel Continuous Mixer (FCM™) was developed and introduced to the thermoplastic processing industry.

Pomini was founded in 1886 manufacturing and reconditioning equipment used in cotton manufacturing. In 1949, Pomini began manufacturing equipment for the rubber and plastics industries.

Global Leader in the Plastics Industry

Today, FARREL POMINI is a global leader in the research, design and manufacturing of continuous mixing systems for the polymer processing industry covering an extensive range of applications.

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