FARREL POMINI can help you advance your business’s strategic goals during COVID 19

Our employees, customers and communities are our top priority. Our employees that can effectively work from home are working remotely, those that need to be on site are social distancing and wearing personal protective equipment, including gloves and masks. Recently, we have made two additional corporate and employee donations to a local community charity fund to combat COVID 19; this is a charity that we have supported for over twenty years.

We are here for our customers, too. We don’t have all of the answers, but both Farrel and Pomini have operated continuously since the mid 1800’s and have weathered a lot of uncertainties and challenges. We expect to come out of the COVID 19 pandemic stronger than ever by sticking to our global business plan and we can help you do the same.

If you are under pressure to grow your compounding business, especially if you work in the areas of Black or White Masterbatch or process highly filled compounds, including PVC, Flooring, Flame Retardants, Biopolymers or Recycled materials, we have production and laboratory scale Continuous Mixing equipment and an expert process laboratory team to support you. During this momentary pause, make the most of the opportunity with conducting a feasibility study, developing or tweaking a formula or refining your process. Ship your material to us for running in our process lab. We can live stream critical phases of the trial with you, provide samples, critical process data and a final report. Although travel restrictions and social distancing are in place, it’s exactly like you participated with the trial personally and you will be able to make capital investment decisions with confidence staying on track with your business plan.

We are also fully able to support our current customers with spare parts and even repairs. In addition, our Service Department is pioneering ways to assist customers with remote service solutions.

To schedule a lab trial or reach the Service Team, email lsheehan@farrel.com.