Compounding and Masterbatch

Continuous Mixer – proven market leader for your application

In the demanding world of custom compounding, the Continuous Mixer has always set itself apart from other compounding extruders with its superior performance in temperature sensitive and highly filled materials. Whether it is high loadings of calcium carbonate and titanium dioxide for film additives, carbon black for pressure pipe or aluminum trihydrate for LSOH wire and cable flame retardant applications.

Unlimited Configurations

With the 2-stage concept that allows mixing to be optimized without compromising filtration and pelletization, the Continuous Mixer handles temperature sensitive materials such as RPVC and FPVC without missing a step and helps extend cost savings by using less of expensive thermal stabilizers for processing. The configuration dissipates motor energy, directly into the polymer-additive matrix and doesn’t waste costly energy providing a valuable return on your investment. Polyolefins, Polystyrene, ABS, SAN, TPU, PA, PLA and a wide range of other resins are easily processed with a wide range of filters and additives with the Continuous Mixer.

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