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With over 100 years of experience designing, engineering and manufacturing polymer processing equipment for the masterbatch compounding and petrochemical industries, we would like to share information we’ve learned along the way. The knowledge we share may come from conducting trials in our Research and Development Center, interacting on-site with customers for process optimization or repairing equipment.

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  • Project planning
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  • Productivity optimization

Current Questions & Answers

Why is the Farrel Compact Processor better at higher loadings of fillers than other mixers?

Because of the unique design of the FCM, the mixer has Extremely High Free Volume and can integrate above 80% fillers in the main feed port. Because the mixer works on the theory of viscosity reduction, the resin and fillers will pass through the shear gap multiple times and be subjected to repeated reversing passes by the reverse helixes of the rotor until the viscosity is reduced enough to make the passage through the reverse helix. The Free Volume allows for huge amounts of surface renewal and this aids in dispersion of high loadings of fillers.

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