Farrel Continuous Mixer

The FCM™ is available in a range of sizes, design types, and options to meet an array of production needs from pilot/laboratory to world scale production.
All ingredients can be fed into the mixer separately or as a pre-blend. Liquids can be fed with the powder and pellets or injected directly into the mixing chamber at selected locations. The chamber can be vented at various locations. High shear rates at adjustable levels are applied to the mixture to melt, disperse, and distribute the ingredients evenly within the polymer matrix.

Key Features Include:

  • Counter-rotating, non-intermeshing rotors running at synchronous speed. This gives a large free volume for material circulation enabling superior distributive mixing
  • Unique rotor geometry, speed and clearances enable superior dispersive mixing
  • Mixing intensity can be selected as functions of rotor speed, working volume, thermal conditions and residence time
  • Bearing housings support rotors at both ends and eliminates any metal to metal contact
  • Large rotor tip-to-wall clearance minimizes the effect of wear
  • Large feed opening allows for high filler loadings and low bulk density materials
  • PLC-based controls with a touch screen can expand to include a supervisory system
  • Modular components result in easy maintenance and higher productivity
  • Energy efficient with low operating costs

    FCM™, Farrel Continuous Mixer Capacities

    Machine Size 4UM 5UM 6UM 7UM 9UM 12UM 13UM 16UM 18UM
    Nominal Production
    Rates (in kg/hr)*
    400 -
    800 -
    1,500 -
    2,000 -
    3,000 -
    5,000 -
    8,000 -
    15,000 -
    20,000 -

    FCM XL – The Farrel Continuous Mixer is available with Pomini LCM rotor technology for specific applications.

    *All production rates should be factory verified.