The FMP™ provides melt pressurization with minimal temperature increase and great efficiency due to a positive displacement feature, minimal back flow and limited energy dissipation. It is connected directly to the finishing reactor flange (for “hot melt” discharge) or to a Farrel Continuous Mixer (FCM™) for granular or powder reactor discharge. The Side Discharge FMP™ does not alter the rheological properties of the polymer, assuring consistency in physical characteristics.

Key Features Include:

  • Custom designed inlet flange of the pump housing distributes the polymer melt over two intermeshing gears
  • Tangential feed pockets force the polymer melt into the tooth cavities and the intermeshing, high precision gears carry the polymer melt along the periphery of the housing bores
  • Where the gears intermesh, the polymer is squeezed from the gear tooth cavities. Because of close tolerances, a high volumetric efficiency can be maintained over wide ranges of pressure and temperature
  • Double helical gears for pulse free operation
  • Gear shaft journals are supported by sleeve bearings, lubricated by polymer melt, tapped from the high pressure discharge. The polymer lubricant is collected on the opposite ends of the bearings and returned internally to the suction side of the FMP™
  • For standard polymer finishing line applications, the FMP™ employs a single drive shaft connected to a variable speed motor and gearbox. With this arrangement, the driven gear shaft turns the idler gear in the pump housing
  • For high viscosity applications both shafts are driven

    FMP™ Farrel Melt Pump Capacities

    Machine Size FMP30 FMP50 FMP70 FMP80 FMP100
    Nominal Production
    Rates (in kg/hr)*
    13.500 22.500 32.000 36.600 45.500
    Maximum Production
    Rates (in kg/hr)*
    18.500 26.500 36.500 42.000 60.000

    *All production rates should be factory verified.