Hot Feed Extruders

The Hot Feed Extruder is designed to take the material from the Farrel Continuous Mixer (FCM™). The oversized hopper opening insures efficient feeding. The continuous feed of material permits orientation of these extruders either parallel or at right angles to the axis of the Continuous Mixer rotors.

Key Features Include:

  • Connecting chutes between the mixer and the extruder are included as standard equipment
  • These chutes have a divert door for redirecting start-up and shutdown material from the FCM™
  • Standard options include: specially sealed designs suitable for nitrogen purging or vacuum application, illumination of the interior and adaptation for monitoring of material in-feed
  • Custom designed screw geometry  (L/D, vented, mixing)
  • Optimized pusher for uniform ingestion

To discuss your specific requirements with a member of the Product Management Team, please contact us.