Reactor Fed Extruders

The Reactor Fed Extruders are designed to receive the hot melt stream coming directly from a reactor. The hopper cylinder and its support are designed to carry the weight of a gravity feed vessel.

Key Features Include:

  • Seals are incorporated in the rear of the hopper cylinder to minimize leakage of polymer with the screw turning or stationary
  • Rear vented hopper cylinders are available to aid in degassing the melt
  • Injection ports for introducing additives in masterbatch or liquid form can be furnished in hopper and forward cylinders
  • Mixing screws are often used to enhance the incorporation of these additives

A special “melt homogenizing” extruder design which modifies LDPE to improve melt flow characteristics and optimal properties can be furnished.

To discuss your specific requirements with a member of the Product Management Team, please contact us.