Aftermarket Services


FARREL POMINI is a solution provider enabling our customer partners to protect their equipment investment with a full portfolio of aftermarket and consultation services and a dedicated team of experts available for support. 

Spare Parts

We maintain an extensive inventory of high quality genuine replacement parts to support Farrel, Pomini and FARREL POMINI compounding equipment. Genuine spare parts ensure component longevity and safeguard that your machine is fitted with the latest design components enabling you to benefit from our innovations and product improvements. 

Technical services

The highly experienced FARREL POMINI Technical Services Team oversees the machine start-up and commissioning phase of your equipment ensuring fast, proper installation and minimizing the time to bring the machine onto your live production line. During this period, the team can provide expert training for your operations and maintenance personnel making certain they’re confident working with the equipment.

When support is needed during the life of your equipment, the same expert level personnel can assist you often by diagnosing the issue remotely, and whenever needed, travel globally to you for focused and efficient repair of your equipment. 

Machine Inspection Program

With a tailored program, machine inspections are scheduled in advance allowing customers to control when machines are off-line, potentially taking advantage of shut downs or production changeover periods. Regular inspections lead to a significant increase in machine life because wear issues are identified at early stages. The ability to utilize timed component repairs reduces maintenance costs and further reduces the running costs of FARREL POMINI equipment. 

Remanufacturing and repair services

Remanufacturing and repair services range from the straightforward repair of key wear components, such as rotors, to a complete remanufacture, bringing the equipment back to its original productivity specifications or upgrading to our latest specifications.

Upgrade your machine

Your machine might have upgrades available, please send us your serial number for more information.

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