Extremely reliable at low cost

In the demanding 24/7 world of gas crackers and catalytic reactors, the Continuous Mixer performs in typical reliable fashion producing high volumes of PP, HDPE, LLDPE, Bi-Modal resins and other Polyolefin applications. The extreme nature of these operating “trains” call for extremely reliable pelletizing and finishing equipment; the Continuous Mixer answers the call and performs the job at a lower operating cost than alternative technologies.

Unlimited output capacity

The unique “over and under” rotor configuration provides a double-barreled solution to finishing questions. With the ability to slave several units to each reactor, the Continuous Mixer offers an unlimited output capability while maintaining a higher overall reactor reliability than single finishing line trains. Coupled to the Continuous Mixer in these applications are the Farrel Melt Pump (FMP(TM)) and the C-Series Pelletizer. The FMP™ product line can push rates from 4,500 kg per hour to over 50,000 kg per hour. The C-Series Pelletizer provides a similar range.

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