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Process Consulting & Customer Demonstrations

Customer Demonstration Facilities for equipment and processing evaluations.

FARREL POMINI provides process consulting and production line optimization services that increase efficiency, reduce expenses and support you in meeting your strategic objectives. At our two FARREL POMINI Customer Demonstration Facilities, we assist with:

  • Optimization of your machine for your specific formula
  • Conducting polymer compounding equipment comparisons
  • Conducting key component comparisons
process consulting

Customer Demonstration Facilities for technology and processing evaluations.

In our two modern facilities, one located at the Farrel Corporation headquarters in Ansonia, Connecticut in the United States and the other in Rochdale, United Kingdom, customers can evaluate their compounds utilizing FARREL POMINI Continuous Mixing Technology on a production sized processing line or a laboratory sized processor for studies that are more experimental in nature. The facilities also include a variety of feed systems, downstream options and analytical equipment. During the trials, you will have the opportunity to evaluate different rotor configurations and other process parameters to achieve the best outcome for the formulation. Our process experts will provide you with experienced support and detailed trial documentation.

From the trial results, you will know what production rate can be guaranteed at your facility, learn operations techniques specific to your formulation and make capital equipment decisions with confidence.

On-site process support from FARREL POMINI experts.

Alternatively, FARREL POMINI process experts can travel to your facility and assist with compound development and process optimization on-site, utilizing your production or pilot equipment and working with your employees.


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Contact us or call +1 203 736 5500 to speak with a Sales Engineer or schedule time in a Customer Demonstration Facility.

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