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FARREL POMINI Large Scale Compounding

High production capacity with industry leading efficiencies and accelerated return on investment.

large scale compounding

FARREL POMINI provides polymer compounding equipment for production rates up to 40,000 kg/hour with the FCM™, Farrel Continuous Mixer. The world class production scale FCM™ provides exceptional energy, process and maintenance advantages as well as resilient performance. It is an efficient and cost-effective solution for volume driven applications requiring economies of scale.

Continuous Mixing Technology is based on the principle of two counter-rotating, non-intermeshing rotors and a large free volume mixing chamber. The large mixing chamber allows for liberal material circulation and superior distributive mixing while the specialized rotor geometry facilitates efficient levels of shear and excellent dispersive mixing.

Farrel Continuous Mixers ensure you meet demanding productivity and quality requirements while realizing critical energy efficiencies and ease of maintenance for maximum on-stream time necessary for success in highly competitive, volume-driven markets.

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