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Our Value

Let our efficiency drive your success.

Our value is enabling our customers to meet their strategic objectives and position their company for long‑term success by providing unique technology continuous mixing equipment. FARREL POMINI equipment allows for superior process, energy and maintenance efficiencies, maximum on-stream time and accelerated return on investment as well as long‑term value.

We are the originator of continuous mixing technology with the introduction of the FCM™, Farrel Continuous Mixer in 1963. Continuous Mixing is an alternative compounding technology and excels at processing highly filled and temperature-sensitive applications. FARREL POMINI equipment provides:

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Experience the value of working with a partner, a true solutions provider.

With FARREL POMINI, you are in a partnership with a true solutions provider, and a global leader in the research, development, and manufacture of polymer compounding systems. Our company and employees are focused on making you more productive. We help you accomplish your goals by focusing on innovations that deliver operating efficiencies and added value.

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Contact us or call +1 203 736 5500 to speak with a Sales Engineer or schedule time in a Customer Demonstration Facility.

FARREL POMINI, your solutions provider.


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