compounding recycled materials compounding recycled materials compounding recycled materials compounding recycled materials
Compounding Recycled Materials

Versatile, temperature-sensitive processing for the circular economy.

Compounding recycled plastic material is a complex processing scenario that begins with the source. Recyclates are inherently contaminated, partially degraded, have different pigments and granule sizes, and these variables can result in a wide range of finished quality compounds.

Farrel Continuous Mixers offer several advantages for compounders of recycled materials including:

  • A large single entry feed port that is capable of ingesting irregularly sized feedstocks as well as large amounts of additives and fillers
  • The large rotor tip to wall clearances and mixing chamber volume allow for cost-effective production runs, outstanding material feeding and high fill levels
  • Excellent temperature control is achieved by the efficient shear levels imparted by the unique rotor geometry as well as other process parameters, including adjustable dams and orifice position
  • The Farrel Continuous Mixer can eliminate the need for pre-drying the recyclate
recycled materials

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