Process Consulting

At the FARREL POMINI Customer Demonstration Facilities, customers can develop new formulations, conduct equipment or key component comparisons to support a confident capital equipment decision.

Professional trials

In our two modern facilities, one in the United States and the other in the United Kingdom, FARREL POMINI can carry out development trials in partnership with you providing individual expert support and detailed trial documentation. With the benefit of our process experts’ knowledge and years of experience, you can develop and evaluate formulations on a variety of rotor configurations and process tools utilizing production size equipment with scale-up capability comparing machine concepts or verifying processes for practical feasibility or capital equipment decision.

On-site expertise

Alternatively, FARREL POMINI process experts can travel to your facility and conduct compound development onsite utilizing your production or pilot equipment and working with your employees.

Process optimization

When you need expertise optimizing a machine’s productivity, such as when production demands increase or a formulation change is introduced, FARREL POMINI process experts can travel to your site and work with you to support enhancing machine productivity. The United States Customer Demonstration Facility also is home to the FARREL POMINI Research and Development facility.

Your solution provider

Upgrade your machine

Your machine might have upgrades available, please send us your serial number for more information.

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